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Cinematography Reel | Justin Patricolo

1min. 50sec.

A collection of my work as a cinematographer and director of photography ranging from docu-style video content, marketing campaigns, video content for social and YouTube, and narrative and documentary short films.​



"All Your Light" by Portugal. The Man


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UNDERRATED: 24-105mm Zoom Lenses | MPB

UNDERRATED: 24-105mm Zoom Lenses | MPB

The classic, the reliable, the "I sort of wanted a 24-70mm but got this instead" 24-105mm, has been the staple for many a photographer and videographer over the years. It offers flexibility as well as covering most shooting scenarios with a single lens. But do we give it the credit it deserves? Join Justin, as he takes a look into the world of the 24-105mm, a world that has maybe gone unrecognised for too long... 00:00 Introduction 01:17 The Pros of the 24-105mm 02:26 Superheroes! 03:35 Prime Lens Comparison 04:41 Low Light 05:40 Conclusions 📷 Get the gear in this video See our range of 24-105mm lenses from Canon, Sony, Panasonic and more: Checkout Nikon's slightly more flexible range of 24-120mm lenses: 🎥 This video was shot with... Sony FX3: Sony FX6: Canon C70: Canon R5: Nikon Z8: 🌐 Find us at Reviews, Guides, Knowledge Instagram Twitter Facebook TikTok MPB is the world’s largest platform to buy, sell and trade in used photography and videography gear. MPB is a destination for everyone, whether you’ve just discovered your passion for visual storytelling or you’re already a pro. We’re loved and trusted by more than 650,000 visual storytellers around the world.
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