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From Our Coven - (2019)

14min. 49sec.


Writer, Director, and Cinematographer: Justin Patricolo

'From Our Coven' is a thriller/drama short film about a pair of witches escaping their malicious coven through the winter mountains of upstate New York. However, as their hope grows thin, they begin to lose sight of a clear path to safety..."a Sister can never leave." 


Colleen Wright as Charlotte

Kimmy Dunn as Emma

Kristina Molina as Olivia

The Sisters:

Chloe Castiglioni

Annalise Caviasco

Christina Caviasco

Samantha Lee Robles


Justin Patricolo

Samantha Lee Robles

Executive Producers:

Justin Patricolo

Thomas Sudzinski

Score by:

James Thoubboron

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